Thursday, June 17, 2010

America's Got Talent: More like America's got talent... NOT!

I watched an episode of America's got talent last night. I knew it would be bad, but oh my god. The show is disgusting. I would rather watch the entire first season of than that again. (I may be exaggerating, but not by much.) So, Nick Cannon is the host. I have nothing against Nick Cannon. He seems like a nice enough guy, so I'm not going to fault him with the travesty that is this show. The judges are just carbon copies of the American Idol judges, but stripped of any details or chemistry and the audience is ruthless! The three judges are Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Piers Morgan was a journalist before judging people in Britain and America, and while writing takes talent, it's not performance, which everything on America's got Talent is. Sharon Osbourne is the wife of Ozzy Osbourne. Howie Mandel is a stand up comedian, or at least was in the 90s... so he is actually talented to some extent. He is also the only American judge on America's got talent. Piers Morgan is the grumpy englishman who doesn't like anything, just like Simon Cowell on American Idol. Sharon Osbourne is the fun-loving woman, just like Paula and Howie Mandel is the cool guy who doesn't want to upset anyone. There was this part in the episode last night which seemed like THEMOSTSCRIPTEDTHINGEVER. An old woman was playing a song on stage and it was SO BAD. The audience hated it SO MUCH. So they "X-ed" her. So she stopped playing and Piers was like "That was atrocious" and Sharon was like "eeeh, no." and Howie was like "I really like you, but no." Then Piers said "You remind me of someone. The red hair, the the white top." and Sharon goes "OOOHHH!" and is surprisingly offended that he made the connection between the old red-headed woman on stage and the old red-headed woman on the judge's panel. So she gets out of her seat and kind shoves him a few times, like they were flirting. But it was the most awkward flirting ever. It was obvious that they were trying to copy the relationship of Simon and Paula before they both left American Idol (RIP?). Though I didn't watch that show on a regular basis, I did see it a few times and their love/hate relationship seemed pretty real. At another point in the show there was this really bad magician. He was obviously bad on purpose, so he was funny. Howie Mandel loved him, as did Sharon Osbourne, because she loves everyone. But Piers was like "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" He said No, as in the magician wouldn't advance to the next round. He said "It would be a nightmare if you made it to the next round." So, naturally, Howie Mandel says "Since my whole goal in life is to make Piers' nightmares a reality, I'm going to say yes." LOLOLOLOLOL! They're SO FUNNY! If you are unfamiliar with America's Got Talent, let me explain how the judging works. Each judge has a button, and when they are sick of the act they press the button and a huge X above the stage lights up making a huge buzzing sound. Almost every single act I saw, Piers hit the button within the first ten seconds. It's not stumbleupon, it's a talent competition. Even worse than Piers is the audience. They are terrible, terrible people. If they don't like an act, they'll decide instantly and boo throughout the entire act. and put their arms in an X motion. They don't give anyone a chance. It's hard to explain. If you haven't seen this video yet, watch this:

In other competition shows on NBC news, Last Comic Standing is still cool.

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