Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm going to catch you up in as few words as possible so you can watch the finale

So, there was a plane crash. From the plane crash came a lotta people. One of whom is a doctor, his name is Jack. Jack falls in love with Kate, who killed her dad before plane crash. She loves him too, but also Sawyer, a con man. So they, and all the other survivors, live on this island for a while. There's also this really pretty Australian girl who's pregnant. Her name is Claire. She has her baby. His name is Aaron. In the jungle they hear a distress code that has been playing for 16 years. In the jungle they find a hatch and try real hard to open it. Then they open it. Some people want to get off the island and build a raft to get off the island. On the raft they are attacked by another group of people and they take Walt, a child. The other three people on the raft swim back to shore and live on the island again. Inside the hatch is man named Desmond. He has been pushing a button every 108 minutes for three years. The people from the plane crash start pushing the button. Walt's dad decides to go save Walt. He needs to bring Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer. Hurley is the fat guy used for comic relief. The others give Walt and his dad a boat and let them leave the island. They take Jack, Kate and Sawyer captive and let Hurley go back to the beach where the rest of his people are. Back in the hatch Locke, one of the survivors, who thinks the island is "special" begins thinking the button is just a psycholgical test and stops pushing it. He's wrong. Luckily, Desmond has a fail safe key, which blows up the hatch. Back in the others' camp. Jack is stuck in an old shark tank in the others camp and Kate and Sawyer in old bear cages. or BARE cages because they had sex in them. Kate and Sawyer eventually escape. They then go back to save Jack and are successful. Desmond, Charlie (Claire's island boyfriend) and some other people go hiking through the jungle and find a woman named Naomi who came from a freighter off shore. They need to get in contact with the freighter, but can't. So Desmond and Charlie go to a station underwater that is blocking any communication between on-island and off-island. Charlie turns the blocking mechanism off and subsequently drowns. As the survivors are calling the freighter, Locke kills Naomi. Three other people come to the island from the freighter. Miles, Faraday and Charlotte. A bunch of people from the plane crash go to the freighter. But there's a bomb on the freighter. Only Desmond, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Aaron get off the freighter before it explodes. Sun's husband, Jin, was on the freighter and is now thought to be dead. As the helicopter is flying back to the island, it disappears. The helicopter runs out of fuel and crashes in the ocean. They are picked up by a boat. On the boat is Desmond's girlfriend, Penny. He goes with her and the plane crash survivors become known as the Oceanic six (the airline was called Oceanic). The island begins jumping through time because Ben, the leader of the others, turned this wheel in hopes that is rival, Charles Widmore (who is also Penny's dad!) wouldn't be able to find it. Unfortunately, he did it wrong and now it won't stay in one spot. Charlotte becomes confused and her mind can't handle the time travel, so she dies. The time travel eventually stops, in 1977. The oceanic six are persuaded that they have to go back to the island. Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley end up in 1977 and Sun is in 2007. In 1977, the swan station, also known as the hatch, is being built. The castaways are convinced that if they throw this bomb into the pit then the plane will have never crashed and they can live their lives as if they landed in LAX. So they do that. It works. Jack is now on the plane and lands in LA. BUT! They are also still on the island. The remaining survivors, on the island, find out they are candidates to take over for a man named Jacob who has been the protector of the island, as it is "special" just as Locke thought. But Locke is dead and a man known as "the man in black" has possessed his body. The Man in Black is Jacob's nemesis/brother. He can also turn into black smoke, which has been seen throughout the show, but never understood until now. The remaining candidates are Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer. Jin and Sun drowned together because they lurve each other and Sayid blew up. Jacob, who is actually dead (semantics) explains the job to them and Jack volunteers himself, no surprise.

Now you're caught up. Now watch the finale sunday night at 9|8 c on ABC. It'll rock your socks, hopefully.

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