Sunday, January 31, 2010

LOST: 5 seasons in 2 weeks

My roommate has not watched LOST at all in the last six years. Naturally, I made him watch all five seasons before the premiere. He only had two weeks. I did not expect him to finish, but he did. As he watched, I did too. Let me tell you, five seasons of lost in two weeks is a lot to comprehend. The ridiculously long recap was a nice refresher for the final season. While re-watching the show I realized something. Most of the original castaways are incredibly unimportant in the grand scheme of things (which may or may not be an allegory for, ya know, life and stuff.) That was pretty obvious though as soon as Ben and Widmore met in Widmore's penthouse. (which is still one of the greatest scenes of anything ever.) Though most of the original losties are unimportant, Locke sets the entire plot in motion. If Locke had never set foot on the island he would never find the hatch and Desmond would continue to push the button for the rest of his life, so the key would never be turned and the electromagnetism would never be detected by those guys in antarctica and Penny would never go searching for Desmond and therefor would never find him and there would be no O6. The freighter would never be sent be Widmore and they would never get off the island, so the island would never have to be moved (in time!) And no one would ever meet anyone.
There is no point to the show other than the war between Ben and Widmore (team widmore?). The entire show has been leading up to this war between the Ben and Widmore (team ben?). I can't decide which team I'm rooting for. I feel like a lot of people are rooting for Widmore because we've seen more of Ben and have seen how terrible he can be. But Widmore did "break the rules" and sent the freighter to the island. Whether he ordered the extermination of everyone on the island is unknown, I doubt he did, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Ben followed Jacob blindly, which was pretty dumb. Widmore cared for the island and tried to protect it. Ben simply did whatever he was told. Ben was Jacob's bitch. So I guess I'm more on team Widmore, but Ben does seem sincere, while Widmore seems very cold.
I've also decided Rose and Bernard are my favorite characters. Reason #1: "I am a dentist, I am not Rambo." Reason #2: They retired and built themselves a cabin in 1977 and didn't care if they died when the bomb went off, They only cared about being together. (aw, how sweet! Take that Charlie and Claire, and take that Jim and Pam!) Reason #3: Bernard's Beard.
I didn't even discuss how great SOME of the acting, say... A Mr. Michael Emerson. He's so ridiculously good. The entire series he's so menacing and seemingly evil, until he meets Jacob when he becomes small and insignificant.
Basically this is a great show and the final season starts in FIFTY TWO HOURS!

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