Monday, January 4, 2010

Frank the Entertainer: A basement Affair is the Best

Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair is the newest VH1 show. Naturally, it is the best. It's just like all the other VH1 shows, but in The Entertainer's parent's house! It is the best. There are 15 contestants. They've narrowed down the contestants because last time VH1 had a new show one of the contestants turned out to be a murderer (truth). Some of my favorite contestants include Annie, who came into the house wearing flower-y pants. She has a really big nose and a very nasally voice, which is a trait of New Yorker's, I guess. I've never left the shire. In reality, I'm pretty sure she's actually Mel from Flight of the Concords. Another contestant worth watching is Jenny. Jenny's black, which is important because of "I Love New York" or something. As of yet there is no one ridiculously crazy like there usually is on VH1 shows, but I have hope. Nothing incredibly important happened in this episode. All you need to know is Frank (The Entertainer)'s parents are on the show and they are the best.

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