Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This post is about LOST

Click the image to see the whole thing.

Just an update, this is the poster for the final season of LOST. I've posted this before, but it was terrible quality, so here it is again.

Faraday (dead), Boone (dead), Miles (alive), Michael (dead), Ana-Lucia (dead), Charlotte (dead), Frank Lapidus (alive), Shannon (dead), Mr. Eko (dead), Kate (alive), Jack (alive), Sawyer (alive), "Locke" (with his back turned! OMGWAT?!) (dead or alive, depending on who that character is), Ben (alive), Sayid (alive), Shannon (dead), Sun (alive), Jin (alive), Claire (alive), Hurley (alive), Juliet (unknown), Charlie (dead), Richard Alpert (alive), Bernard & Rose (alive), Vincent! (alive)

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