Sunday, December 20, 2009

A recap of SNL with James Franco

Last night was Saturday Night, so I watched Saturday Night Live, as I usually do because I don't have friends. Most of the show was like any other show. It was kind of funny for the majority of it, but of course many of the sketches were really boring and not very funny. The show opened with another installment of "The Lawrence Welk Show" which I really don't understand. It's just another Kristin Wiig sketch where she's some weird, annoying character, but this one she's gotta big forehead and tiny hands!!! HAR HAR HAR! (<-- sarcastic laugh) That's kind of funny... I guess. They also had some recent classics, like "What Up With That?" which I can't help but laugh at, and "Mark Wahlberg talks to animals." One sketch, however, made me cry with laughter. It was hilarious. I'll warn you though, don't get your expectations too high, because your expectations always let you down. This is "The Tizzle Wizzle Show" It has James Franco in Pajamas (ladies).
It's a good thing NBC has SNL. What would I do on saturday nights if they didn't? Watch The Wanda Sykes show?

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