Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kid Cudi has pleasantly surprised me

A while back I posted a video for the song "Make Her Say" by Kid Cudi. I was very adamant in believing, though this song was great, the artist probably sucks. New Flash (that's not a typo): He actually doesn't suck. I listened to part of his album today on Lala and was pleased with what I heard. He didn't sound like the next hip-hop prodigy, but he was better than Wale, who is pretty good. I then listened to "Make Her Say" again. I really like this song. And rarely do I like popular songs, especially popular hip-hop songs. I thought it was so strange that I liked this song so much. But it is a very good satire of current popular music sampling Lady Gaga and using lyrics from Jamie Foxx and other songs that really aren't very good. I'm telling you now, this song is a top contender for best popular song in the Extra Va Ganza (last year the award was called "best questionable song").

Here's the video again, because that's really good too.

or at least a link to the video. Apparently I can't embed this video. sorry.

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