Friday, July 3, 2009

Did you know it was possible to make awful things even more awful?

It's true! Bravo has this new show called "NYC Prep" and the people on it are rubbish. I use the word "rubbish" because the people on this show seem like the kind of people who would use that word to try and sound more cultured. The show is basically a cross between Gossip Girl (or Gossip Girls, as my dad calls it) and Laguna Beach. Actually, it's pretty much just Gossip Girl, but it is billed as a "reality show" following high-schoolers. The main character is this guy who is TOTALLY NOT GAY YOU GUYS, he calls himself "PC." I've never actually heard him refer to himself in the third person, but he probably does. PC stands for "Peter Clay" which seems like a real name. nope. his real name is actually Peter Peterson. side note: I was going to say his name was Peter Peterson as a joke, but I looked it up and his name really is Peter Peterson... He probably calls himself PC because PP is an embarrassing nickname. After more research I've found his middle name is Carey, so not that strange. I'm still calling him PP. PP is 18 and knows EVERYTHING. PP is best friends with this girl called Jessie, who thinks she's a lot hotter than she really is. Since I only watched about half of one of the episodes I'm not sure how the two of them relate to the other four main characters. The next biggest character, I think, is Sebastian. Sebastian is a ladies man and can speak french! Taylor and Sebastian went one a date and they kissed, which is a big deal, I guess. But Taylor is friends with Kelli who also likes Sebastian. I'll probably watch the next episode. It's incredibly entertaining and my sister and I actually agree on it. These people are rubbish.

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