Monday, January 19, 2009

What is it about the real world that is so intriguing?

I found myself watching MTV last night. I saw the Real World was on next and decided to watch it. An hour later I realized I had just watched an entire episode of The Real World. This episode had two plot points. 1.)Kaytlin (or something like that) is transgender and decides to come out to some of the roommates. 2.) Chet is an annoying douche. (I have a feeling
this is a plot point every episode.) 3.) (I remember there is a third plot point.) Sarah tries out for a dance studio.
Basically the episode can be summed up by saying this:
Kaytlynn is transgender and comes out to the annoying liberal girl, J.D., the obligatory gay guy, and Sarah, the dancer. Someone put a condom on a banana and put it in the fish tank. ARGUMENTS! Eventually Chet says it was his condom, and he put it in there. The roommates go out to a gay bar. Max (I don't know Max's real name. I just know he wears a hat.) is uncomfortable. Chet is convinced to wear eyeshadow then told he looks gay. At the gay bar a drag queen kisses Max, the one with the hat. Max gets $100. Later, Chet's family comes and his mom cries a lot. Chet's family leaves. J.D. gets drunk and rants about chapstick and immigrants.

That was about it. Also, there is a black girl, of course.

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