Thursday, January 22, 2009

We've got it! It's here! We've got it! It's here!

Season 5 of LOST finally premiered last night. It was great. The "premiere event," as it was advertised, began with an hour long recap called "Destiny Calls." It wasn't very good, nor informative. (Though that may because I was playing the sims while watching it and didn't care.) At Nine O'clock what we had been waiting for for many months, too many months, finally happened, within the first five minutes I said "What?!?!" Two hours later I said "WHAT?!?!" The island is flashing through time. Locke finds himself alone when he was, just a moment ago, with the others. He runs around and eventually ends up on top of a mountain where the Nigerian drug running plane flies over him. He freaks out and starts to run away, but then sees a Virgin Mary statuette. He runs after the plane and eventually gets shot by Ethan. At this point I came up with this theory.

The people on the island are traveling through time, so eventually
flight 815 will crash on the island again. There will be two of each
person. This isn't good, if you remember one of the many DHARMA
videos, a bunny with the number 8 painted on this side was in a cage
then another number 8 bunny appears and you realize, it's the same
bunny. Everyone freaks out and you hear someone say "Don't let them
touch!" That's what is going to happen on the island. It will be like
Donnie Darko.

That was my theory, then the island moved in time again! At this point I decided it's pointless to try to come up with theories about this season. We're dealing with time travel here. You can't beat/figure out time travel.
What I like about LOST is I never know what's going on. It is always confusing, especially now that we/they're dealing with time travel. I think this is going to be the best season yet.

The rest of this post will be abridged:
Construction or maybe mining, we aren't sure when this is happening, we find out it's construction, for DHARMA, they are trying to harness the power of time travel (hint: they do.) Faraday is one of the construction workers. A map shows the really lame wheel Ben used to "move the island." Ben and Jack are off the island, looking at Bentham's (Locke's) body. Ben explains they have to get the oceanic six together and go back to the island. Sayid breaks Hurley out of Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. Sayid throws a guy off a motel balcony, then throws a guy on some knives, but has been shot by some darts. Hurley is wanted for TRIPLE MURDER. Sayid committed all of the murders. (The first was the guy in the car outside the mental hospital.) Hurley buys a shirt proclaiming his love for shiht-zus, and his aversion to bloody robes. Other stuff happens off the island, like Kate and Sun meeting up. (to fight evil! but not really.) Also, Aaron says stupid things. Back ON the island, Richard meets Locke and fixes his leg and says the next TIME they meet, Richard won't recognize Locke. Richard gives Locke a compass. Locke asks "What does it do?" Richard says "It points North, John." Locke must give Richard the compass the next time they see each other. Sawyer tries to get supplies by going the back way into the hatch, Desmond is in it at this point. "It's the ghost of Christmas future!" He yells. Daniel explains no one can do anything in the past to try and change it. Everyone heads back to the beach, except Faraday and Charlotte. Charlotte's nose is bleeding. Dan freaks out, but then says it's all fine and tells her to go back to the beach. Faraday bangs on the hatch door and Desmond answers. Faraday tries to explain what's happening and tells Desmond "He's different. The rules don't apply to him!" Desmond wakes up on Penny's boat and says he wasn't dreaming, "it was a memory." Off the island Hurley breaks down and tells his mom everything! Back on the island everyone is on the beach (except Locke, obviously.) Frogurt, a character always talked about early in the show but never seen, is carping about the fire, then gets shot by a flaming arrow! Everyone runs away. Before that, though, Charlotte says to Faraday, she couldn't remember her mom's maiden name and asks Faraday if he knows what's happening to her. Off the island, Hurley is pulled over with Sayid passed out next to him by none other than Ana Lucia! But it's all in his head. Ben talks to some woman who appears to be his superior. She says he only has 70 hours to get them all back together. The woman is Mrs Hawking. I think she is Faraday's mother.

The abridged part is quite long. Sorry if you read that all. Thanks, if you read that all.


Jeneen said...

Daniel Faraday is the one that's going to keep viewers from going batshit crazy trying to figure out what was going on.

The first five minutes need more Mama Cass.

Kevin R. said...

In my opinion this was the most pointless premier episode ever. Still excited though.

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