Friday, December 5, 2008

I was wrong to call Glenn Beck a bigot.

Glenn Beck emailed me saying what I said about him was very rude. He continued with stating that he has a television show and I don't. Just kidding, that never happened. But... I did come across another terribly racist bigot! YEAH! His name is something, and he owns Casa D'Ice in Pennsylvania or maybe Hollywood. On the Casa D'Ice website we see this
"For 23 years, I was in the Ice Business and when I sold the business using my legal Italian Heritage, came the name “Casa D' Ice” for “House of Ice”. I can not help it that the Spanish use is the same name for house. So, for those who question my use of "Casa" when I am against illegal aliens, I hope this explains it. " DAMNILLEGALALIENSSPANIARDS STEALING ITALIAN TO MAKE UP THEIR OWN ANTI-AMERICAN LANGUAGE. Becausse, ya know, Italian and Spanish aren't both romance languages. Casa D'Ice is famous for their ballsy, sometimes amusing, political signs. Here's an example:

Get it? Because all mexicans are drunks! Oh, guy who owns Casa D'Ice, when will you stop?! hahaha! Seriously. When will you stop?

Here's Dennis Kucinich being Dennis Kucinich:

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