Monday, December 8, 2008

Cyclops is a liar and not legally blind!

OK, I looked up Cyclops/Scott Summers, and apparently I made up the plot point that he's blind. I thought that's how superheroes worked. They have some ailment so their body overcompensates and creates this superpower. I was quite wrong. The only superhero I can think of with any ailment is Daredevil, and he sucks. And Spider man, if being awkward is really an ailment. It's not.

NO! I could have sworn there was a scene in the first X-men movie where Scott Summers has his eyes closed and Jean Grey touches them and they both cry because he can't see. Now that I think about it, he was probably closing his eyes because he has a constant lazer coming from his eyes. What a terrible X-man, he cant even control his power, isn't that what they teach at Prof. X's school for the gifted? Because of his lazer, Scott Summers must wear special glasses that ... somehow... doesn't... make... the... lazer... go... Ka-plow. Wouldn't all of his lazer just get stored up in his special glasses and char his face? (Also, did they rob a bank in the first one? I recall that, too.)

To my point! X4 really? No! But, X-men origins: Wolverine? yes! And, the best part... Gambit will be in it! I've never understood his power (He throws cards really fast and in a fairly gay fashion, according to the picture), I just look at him as a less douchey Cyclops. I hate Cyclops so much, he sucks a lot and is totally lame.

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