Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sister Wendy Beckett!

Due to popular demand, I felt obligated to rate Sister Wendy. For anyone who doesn't know who she is, she's a South African nun that has a series of educational tapes on various art styles. We've watched several of these tapes in my AP European History class, and I can't help but be struck by how FUCKING AWESOME Sister Wendy is. Seriously, she is the coolest. She has the best speech impediment (probably due to her insane buck teeth. best buck teeth EVER) and is actually quite insightful about art. She clearly loves it, and the fact that she is really great takes what could've been an average educational experience to the next level. Seriously, when my teacher mentions Sister Wendy, we all freak out. It's just a joyous experience, which I'm fairly certain I can't properly relay to anyone who hasn't seen it. You really have to BE there. Here's a good summary of her mannerisms. I like the "cut of her jib" (slang for the way she talks, DUH) a lot.

Verdict: Our very first Teddy Roosevelt/Bruce Campbell + !


Fiona said...

hail to the nun!

Brody said...

ahh this nun is truly worthy of the first ever Teddy Roosevelt/Bruce Campbell +.