Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Albums of 2008 Part 1: Girl Talk's Feed the Animals

Greg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk, is a sample hip hop warrior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His last album, Night Ripper, saw some serious buzz and was given extremely positive reviews, warranting an 8.4/10 from notoriously stingy hipster elitist critics at While most sample "mash up" artists are content to merely put two songs together, Gillis throws together an amalgam of elements. Feed the Animals, his latest album, samples over 300 different tracks. Many of these are lost in the big picture of each track, like Vanilla Ice's beatboxing in "Havin' a Roni" (I laugh every time I think about that title), but each sample builds up to create a runaway freightrain of awesomeness. When the samples work, they work extremely well. For example, Gillis puts Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" and Souljah Boy Tell'em's "Crank That" together on "Don't Stop." It shouldn't work at all, but somehow he pulls it off beautifally. Ditto for The Jackson Five's "ABC," the drum track from Rihanna's "Umbrella," and a sped up version of "Bohemian Rhapsoday," and a particularly inspired pairing of L'il Mama and Metallica (Lip Gloss and One).

Verdict: Seinfeld+

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Kevin R. said...

L'il Mama and Metallica? There are some serious boundaries being crossed here. Talk about democrats.

Not sure I understand how you reached that need to show your work Thom. Like, srsly.