Sunday, November 9, 2008

30 Rock is a funny show, pregnancy is funny, too?

I was watching 30 Rock last night. It was an episode I'd never seen before, it guest starred Amy Poehler as Liz Lemon's surrogate mother. weird. The episode also seemed to be about 5 times longer than the usual episodes. It also didn't star Alec Baldwin or Tracey Morgan. In fact, now that I think of it... No one from 30 Rock was in that episode except Tina Fey. I may have watched a movie last night. Greg Kinnear was in it as a phallic juice store owner. He got Tina Fey preggers in the end, shit! I just gave the ending away! That's too bad, because the movie wasn't predictable at all. This movie is Kooler than Aviator Sunglasses, but not quite as cool as Tokyo Police Club.

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