Wednesday, July 6, 2011

James Spader is joining the office! Hooray!

Remember the season finale of the office this year? Remember how everyone was really concerned about who would replace Michael Scott? Remember how James Spader knocked it out out of the park? Well, now he's going to be on the show! Apparently he won't be replacing Michael Scott though. Instead, he will be replacing Kathy Bates. I am okay with that! Kathy Bates character was not very interesting, and James Spader's character is the exact opposite. However, the search continues for Michael Scott's replacement! Thankfully, Dwight is most likely out of the running. As you may recall, he accidentally shot a gun in the office while he was the interim manager. I'm still vying for Jim, because that seems like natural progression. I'd also like to see Kelly become the manager. She would bring the laffs. I also wouldn't be surprised if Pam took over, because apparently she can't hold the same position in the office for more than a few seasons. She was the receptionist for the first few seasons, then became a salesman and is now the office administrator, which she schemed her way into. I think she would make a good boss, because while she is pleasant, she can be very stubborn and is able to get things done. I would love to see Creed return to the manager position, but since he almost ran the company into the ground as the manager. Darryl would also be a suitable replacement. Basically, I don't who is going to take over, but I'm thinking it will be someone from the inside. Season 8 premieres on September 22, along with Season 3 of Community and Season 4 of Parks & Rec.

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