Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Possible Songs of the Summer

Every summer since its inception, tbtl has had a "Song of the Summer" contest in which they try to predict the song of the summer. The song you hear at all the summer parties and barbecues. These are the nominees for this summer.

Adele- Rolling in the Deep

I would be surprised if this didn't win. I'm hearing it everywhere. It is a good level of popular, as in, people know it but it's not Katy Perry.

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

I've been hearing this one quite a bit too. Though, if it was playing and you asked me the name of the band or song I would say "umm... I'm not sure... I think the song is like.... pumped up kids or something." I do really like this song though.

Fitz and the Tantrums - Moneygrabbers

Old School is TOTALLY trending you guys. I think it all started with "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Now this, Mayer Hawthorne, Cee-lo green, Adele, etc. This song has that going for it, but it isn't all that summer-y.

Bruno Mars - Lazy Song

This is a bad song.

Jenny O - Well OK Honey

Much like the Fitz and the Tantrums song that's nominated, it's a pretty good song, but it isn't very summer-y.

Hoodie Allen - I'm Not a Robot

This reminds me a lot of Chiddy Bang, but Chiddy Bang has a VERY early expiration date. I'm afraid that will happen to this guy, who, by the way, is only 21. I really like this song. I could "jam" to it, as adults think kids say.

Rye Rye ft. MIA - Sunshine

It'll be tough for MIA for her to come back after the serious MIA backlash and I don't think this song is going to it. Also, Rye Rye sounds like Landi from Die Antwoord.

Brett Dennen - Sydney I'll Come Running

This si a pretty decent, but uninteresting, song. I don't think it will receive too many votes, which is fine.

The Belle Brigade - Where Not to Look for Freedom

Nice-n-folksy-n-upbeat, but THE summer song. No way.

Givers - Up Up Up

Givers, as far as I know, are still pretty unknown. However, they were on Fallon last night, and Fallon broke Odd Future. Then again, everyone hates Odd Future now, which I don't get. You knew what you were getting into when you started listening to them. That's something for an entirely different post though. I don't think this will be that song you here wherever you go. It's just too generic.

The Lonely Forest - Turn off This Song and Go Outside

This song is a paradox! How am I supposed to listen to the song if every time I try to I'm told to turn it off! But furrealz, this is a pretty good song. I saw them live a couple weeks ago. They are very good! I could see this song getting played quite a bit over the summer, but I don't think anyone would give it a second thought after listening to it.

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory


Jessie J - Price Tag

I guess as far as pop songs go, this is fine. But that's it. It's just fine. Jessie J seems like a pretty cool girl, but I don't think she's anymore interesting than any other pop star who's been on SNL. The best thing I can say about this song is that it is listenable.

Final verdict:
If Adele doesn't get the Airplanes Treatment, it will win.

You can vote here.

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