Monday, April 18, 2011

So, the Killing, right?

Have you guys been watching The Killing? It's AMC's newest series and it's really good. It's not quite as good as Med Man or Breaking Bad or Mad Men. But it is better than The Walking Dead. What? Yeah.
But what is the pacing like? Is shit always happening? No! It's actually very slowly paced and the episodes always end on a cliffhanger! It's like if Freaks and Geeks and LOST had a tv baby. The show follows three story lines surrounding the same event, Rosie Larsen's murder. Now you see, Rosie was a 17-year-old girl. Her parents loved her and was fairly popular at school. One day, she disappears. No one knows where she is. We follow the story of her parents dealing with their loss, the police investigating the murder and a mayoral candidate. Rosie Larsen's body was found in a campaign car of Darren Richmond, who is running to become mayor. He was well received by the people and it looked like he was going to win the election, until the dead girl's body was found in the trunk of one of his cars. The car was stolen, but he's still thought of as the bad guy by the citizens. We also follow Sarah Linden, who had every intention of moving to LA with her teenage son and fiancee, until this case came up. Now she's stuck with this new guy, investigating the murder. The new guy is Stephen Holder, whose first day was the same day as Linden's supposed last day. She now has to finish the case with Holder before she can leave. I won't divulge anything else about the show other than it is very good and you should watch it. Also, the theme song is really good and I really like the art in the opening/promos for the show.

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