Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surprise! Glee is back and still the worst!

I hate to be a hater, but haters gonna hate. I don't mean to be rude, and everyone has their opinion on things and opinions may differ and I want you to know this is my opinion and I don't mean to state my opinion as fact, as it is just my opinion, but this show is the worst! I totally respect that the show is doing something different that isn't Viva Laughlin, but can't it just go away? Unfortunately, it can't. If you haven't heard, it's already been renewed for a third season. This show plays a lot on stereotypes. But not in that they make a gay character that isn't flamboyant, or a black character that's a nerd. They simply take a stereotype of a certain person and play up that stereotype throughout the entire show. The other characters make assumptions about the pregnantteenager/blackgirl/quietkid/footballplayer and eventually the assumers are found out and the assumed gets really mad and everyone goes "maybe assuming things IS a bad thing." To which I say, didn't we already establish this with the footballplayer/quietkid/blackgirl/pregnantteenager episode? Now we have a butch lesbian football coach?! She's so butch and so lesbian! She must be hitting on/inappropriately touching the hot cheerleaders! What?! You mean those allegations were fake! Oh, and that pregnant teenager from the first season? Now she supports abstinence only education, because she's stupid. (oops, I'm assuming. But really.) And the quarterback, he was kicked off the football team and now he's an outsider! He's an outsider now! He's a glee club outsider now! He's an outsider! Do you get it?! This is important! This is the message we're telling you! You need to be open minded! Because, like, that's really important and stuff! yeah! You know what a much better show is that sends a good message without beating you over the head with it? Parenthood. That show is far more relatable, funnier and has better story than glee.

One more thing that doesn't really go with the overall theme of this post: The creator, or writer or somebody important on the show said in the first season that all the performances were audition processes or practices or performances, so it seems more realistic. Well guess the fuck what? The final scene of this episode was the ex-quarterback's girlfriend singing a sad song about falling in love down the hallway with no one acknowledging her! Realism. Check.

Oh, and that slushee thing. It's fucking stupid. It's like Glee's "We have to go back!"* Didn't it only happen in one episode? Why is it still being advertised.

Once again, this is only my opinion.

*When that first aired, oh my god, it was so good. Real classic Lost with that episode. And the way that plane flew over Jack's head at the end. Incredible. (I will never hesitate at the chance to talk about Lost.)

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