Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Cougar Town worth watching?

No. But, it also isn't worth dismissing. I finally watched an entire episode of Cougar Town last night because I was too lazy to turn off the tv after Modern Family. I mean, come on, the remote was all the way over there. I want to say I absolutely hated it because every promo I've seen for it is the most obnoxious. I didn't hate it though. Although, I also didn't like it a whole lot. Courtney Cox was pretty annoying, which may be the premise of the show. If it is, you are successful [creators of this show]! If it isn't, ugh. Christa Miller basically plays an exaggerated version of Jordan from Scrubs. I really liked her on Scrubs, or so I thought. Maybe I just liked her interactions with Dr. Cox. There's this girl who is 10-15 years younger than the rest of the most of the main cast (Who I assume are all in their mid-40s, which, as we all know, is the new mid-30s). She is basically just the shallow, dumb blonde who says funny things (none of which are particularly funny). None of the jokes made me crack up (unlike Running Wilde, a show that just started on FOX that I highly suggest you catch up with because it's only two episodes in). There was one running joke that was actually pretty funny. The show starts with one of the character walking into Courtney Cox's kitchen and everyone else greeting him by throwing their arms up in the air and shouting things. The guy says "What just happened?" in an annoying tone. Courtney Cox says "Remember how the sushi chefs greeted us like that and it was great? We decided to start doing that to everyone. Isn't that fun?" (or something like that) and the guy says "No, I hate it." and notJordanfromScrubs says "Good. Then we'll only do it to you." and they do only do it to him for the rest of episode. The main plot point of this episode was Cortney Cox's son going off to college. The dumb blonde says that she loved drinking games in college, so all the adults play a drinking game. In the middle of the (very fun) drinking game Courtney Cox says "Don't drink yet. You're not of age." And the kid says "No. It doesn't even look fun." Other than those two jokes, the show wasn't that great. If that new show about a baby on FOX is a step above Outsourced, Cougar Town is a step above that show.

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