Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A recap of the last episode of the real world just in time for the new episode of the real world

So, The Real World has gone back to New Orleans for this season and they've brought along some of the craziest people ever. Ryan and Knight are talking on the back porch and Knight mentions how he's not a frat boy, which is funny because he's definitely the stereotypical frat boy. At some point throughout the conversation Ryan asks Knight how many people he's sexxed and Knight's like "I don't know, 40, 50." Ryan is so offended. Ryan knows there's a difference between having sex and making love. And he likes to make love. He talked about it in the first episode. Ryan thinks sex is icky. He does, however, really like cuddling. He likes cuddling a lot. With anyone. And he gets way into it. At one point he's cuddling with Preston and starts stroking his ear, but he's totally not gay!!! That night, the housemates go clubbing and shit gets real. Eric and Sahar (the girl from Michigan!) kiss in the club and everyone's like "whaaaa?!?!" But the next day Sahar says she has a boyfriend back home. His name is Me. Eric gets pretty upset and/or sad, so that's the end of that. Or is it? Eric's convinced he's going to seduce her. The next night Ryan decides to go clubbing with just Jemmye (who I hate, because her name is stupid.) and Ashlee. He wants to hook up, no he doesn't, yes he does, no he doesn't, yes he does, yes. he does. So indecisive! He ends up not hooking up, or at least not on camera. When the three of them get back to the house they find themselves locked out. So, Ryan hops the fence, pretty horribly, I might add, and unlocks the gate from the inside. Once inside Ryan starts complaining about his shoulder hurting. He complains so much that Preston calls him a cab and they go to the hospital. He comes back with a sling and some pills. Everyone goes to bed and Ryan is walking around alone. Knight walks into the kitchen and asks him about his shoulder. Ryan just brushes him off and kind of mumbles he's faking it. Knight asks him if that's what he said and Ryan's just says "whatever." Then they get in a shouting match. People wake up. Shit's crazy. Ryan no longer respects Knight as a person, which seems a bit harsh, but whatever. Also, Mckenzie, though not in this episode very much, is still very cute.

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