Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two album reviews for the price of one ($0.00)

Treats - Sleigh Bells

All of the cool kids like this new sleigh bells band, for whatever reason. I had heard the song "Tell 'Em" a few times and wanted to cry each time. "but it's only one song" I told myself "the rest of the album can't be that bad." but it is!!! Before I go on being negative I should say, the song "Rill Rill" is okay, but it doesn't mean the album is good by any means. It is so bad. It sounds like someone took a shit of tiny daggers. That's what it sounds like. And every song sounds exactly the same. They're all around two minutes and 45 seconds (at least on the first half of the album). Every song is just really sharp guitars and keyboards or something and the exact same drum beat throughout almost the entire album. Just bass drum and cymbal crash at the same time while a girl with a really high voice sings really fast. I have never appreciated the silence between tracks more in an album than I did during this album. They were obviously going for the juxtaposition of her sweet voice and the noise pop sound, but an obnoxious voice sung over obnoxious instrumentals isn't juxtaposition, it's just obnoxious. If you want good juxtaposition, look to St. Vincent's album from last year "Actor." She has an incredibly sweet voice with the instrumentals of a really poppy Tom Waits album. On a scale of 1 to 100 I'm giving this record a SEVEN. And you know what they say, Lucky Number Slevin. what?


B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray - B.O.B

In an almost complete opposite story; B.O.B. His first single was "Nothin' On You," which I heard a few times on the radio and couldn't stand, much how I couldn't stand Sleigh Bells' "Tell 'Em." So, whenever I would hear someone talking about how good B.O.B was I would just tell them about I despise that "Nothin' On You" song. But I was driving today and heard someone rapping on one of the many "Top 20/40" stations and I thought it was Eminem and I thought "this is really good." I then realized it wasn't Eminem's new song. It was B.O.B's song "Airplanes." There was some line about how he wanted to go back to the time before it mattered what was in his bank account. You could really tell in the song that he's had problems in his life and this is his release, much like Eminem, which I really appreciate, not only in rap, but all types of art. The best pieces of art come from struggles the artist has experienced in his or her life. Another great thing about this album is the lack of auto-tune. Whoo! I'm giving this album three out four.

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