Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glee is unbelievable and ridiculous, and not in a fun way.

The past two weeks I've watched Glee. Why? Because my mom watches it and I'm to lazy to move away from the tv when it's on. I remember when the show was first advertised. Supposedly it was a show about an acapella group in high school. Before watching the show I was like "I don't hate this show, it just doesn't appeal to me because I'm not a mom or gay." Then I watched it last week and noticed that they were singing with instruments. "Whatever." I thought. "maybe it's just this week because it's Lady Gaga week." nope. They use instruments in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! What?! This week was funk week, so naturally they sing beck. OBVIOUSLY. Because Beck is definitely funk. They sang "Loser" while working in a fictional "linens -n- things." "Why did they play that song?" because people kept saying the word "loser." It's reminiscent of "Across the Universe." REMEMBER THAT MOVIE?! DO YOU?! I UNFORTUNATELY DO! "We're in the middle of a revolution Jude and you're just doing your stupid doodles." LET'S SING REVOLUTION NOW! no. shut up. That's what Glee is like. terrible. Another problem I have with this show is, this is just opinion, but the show centers around high school, only four years of one persons life. Glee Club can't follow all of these kids to the same college they all happen to attend. (I'm looking at you, Boy Meets World!) So, if this show is super successful (it is), they are going to need to introduce new characters EARLY ON in the show, so when the main characters graduate, the new characters become the main characters and it isn't some weird transition where all the seniors graduate and there is a new Glee Club full of freshman! (sarcastic exclamation point.) Another problem I have with television shows is the age of the characters. Adults can always play adults, but if you cast an 11-year-old to play an 8-year-old and are then surprised when his voice starts changing you'd better have a better device than "uuuuh he's taller now! muuuuh!" LOST! The main character is 16 years old. You know who's really good at playing 16-year-olds? 16-year-olds! Even 17-year-olds! Hell, I'll even say an 18-year old could play a 16-year-old pretty well. But, no, Glee cast a TWENTY-EIGHT YEAR OLD FULL GROWN MALE TO PLAY SOMEONE WHO IS STILL GOING THROUGH PUBERTY! Really?! Why?! That is so drastic. The age difference between the character and the actor is almost as much as the character's age. The man who plays the teacher is THIRTY ONE! He and the "16 year old" were in high school at the same time. ridiculous. So last week's episode was Lady Gaga week. More like Lady lamelame week. (but not nearly as lame as that pun.) So there's this school's glee club that's the focus of the show. Then there's this other school's glee club called High Velocity or Super Cool or something like that. So this other group decided to do Lady Gaga for their next performance (or something, more on that later) the Glee Club you should be rooting for decides to, in response, ALSO do Lady Gaga. Apparently there was an earlier episode in which a different glee club stole the good guys' routine, or something. So, as discussed earlier, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY ARE SINGING! They always seem to be preparing for regionals. Last week they led me to believe that they would be performing Lady Gaga for regionals. Then, at the end of the episode, the two glee clubs just performed for each other. huh? So, are they not doing lady gaga for regionals? This week they performed funk, because HARD XORE can't perform Funk. They keep talking about regionals. REGIONALS! REGIONALS! REGIONALS! So are they doing funk for regionals? nope. They're just going to show off for BAD RAZMATAZ in the Glee Club's school's auditorium. What? Maybe I would understand the show better if I was a stereotypical gay person.

P.S. CALLING YOURSELF A GLEEK IS NOT FUNNY NOR QUIRKY! STOP IT! Glee is not Star Trek nor Lost. It isn't a show that has captured the public's eye for years. It's just a fad. 40 years from now TV Guide is going to have a special on "Losties" like they do with trekkies now. But, 40 years from now, no one is going to care or remember what a gleek is. There will be this one guy who's like "I was a gleek" and pop culture will be like "shut up. what does that mean?"

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