Friday, January 1, 2010

The best movies of the decade according to Jake

A few months ago Jeneen and I made a list of all the movies that were good over this past decade. Now I have this list of good movies and have nothing to do with it. I've decided to formulate it into a list because nobody doesn't like lists.

1. Lord of the Rings (all of them count as one super long movie)

2. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

3. District 9

4. Pan's Labyrinth

5. Children of Men

6. Adaptation

7. Tropic Thunder

8. No Country for Old Men

9. Sideways

10. There Will Be Blood

11. Good Night and Good Luck
12. The Hangover
13. Thank You for Smoking
14. V for Vendetta
15. Wall-E
16. Milk
17. Up
18. Doubt
19. Frost/Nixon
20. Science of Sleep
21. Little Miss Sunshine
22. Darjeeling Limited
23. American Psycho
24. Into the Wild
25. Gran Torino
26. Almost Famous
27. Lost in Translation
28. Snatch
29. Big Fish
30. Borat
31. High Fidelity
32. Royal Tenenbaums
33. 28 Days Later
34. O, Brother Where art thou?
35. Catch Me if You Can
36. Shaun of The Dead
37. Zombieland
38. Burn After Reading
39. Drag Me to Hell
40. Pineapple Express

Oh, Happy New Year. Nominations for the Extra Va Ganza will be up later today or tomorrow (or the next day, who knows?) The Event may be able to be watched live on the inranets!

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trr005 said...

A. Why are District 9 and Tropic Thunder in your top 10?
B. You haven't seen There Will Be Blood, you can't rate that shit.
C. Reorganize.