Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot Tub Time Machine can't be bad. promise.

This is what I assume to be the latest trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine, which is, no matter what anyone says, a great title. I remember when the first trailer for this came out and people were all like "BLLUUUUURGH" That's what people said about this movie, you know because of how that is a coherent word. But I was all like "Nuh uh, guys!" because I say "Nuh uh." Who's got two thumbs and was right about this movie? This guy!

This movie is like LOST with all of its time travel! Instead of asking "What color is Michael Jackson?" Craig Robinson should have asked "WHEN are we?" Later in the movie John Cusack will find a bomb and yell "We have to bury the bomb! BURY THE BOMB!" and Rob Corddry will be all like "lulz! Why?" and John Cusack will say "because in 24 years this ski resort is still here!" The only problem I have with this is that they might try to make it all sentimental and they'll try to fix the present. But maybe not, because, you know, Whatever happened, happened.

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