Friday, October 16, 2009

What is happening n this picture?!

I was on the you tubes earlier today, apparently I'm 68 years old, and I saw this and thought "what?" At first glance I thought it some weird split screen photo, but after looking at it for way too many seconds I realized ALL OF THAT IS HAPPENING IN ONE FRAME! I first noticed the guy on the right was holding something, seemingly in self-defense, but what is it? I thought it might be a bat, but there is no bat. I thought it might be an umbrella, it's not that either. Then I realized, that guy is holding an electrical cord! (probably.) Then I glanced over at the left side of the picture and noticed the girl climbing a ladder. That makes sense. After looking, again, for too many seconds I found that that is the most poorly crafted. I think she's climbing a wall. or some sort of panic room that leads to a guy who fights people with electrical cords. I'm so weirded out by what this girl is climbing. It obviously isn't a staircase, or a ladder. The only logical explanation is a wall. That is collapsing.

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