Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9? More like Good Movie

I admit, "Good Movie" would be a terrible title for a movie. I also believe I gave the Wayans brothers their newest movie. "'Good Movie' is a spoof of good movies. The plot revolves around a retard in the holocaust." But seriously folks (with a heavy L) District 9 was an incredible movie. I saw it at 9:30 AM. The movie was much too intense to watch at 9:30. I'm not a fan of clich├ęs, but you won't fully understand the phrase "Edge-of-seat-movie" until you've seen District 9. I, personally, was not on the edge of my seat because I enjoy being comfortable. But my eyes were wide and my jaw was dropped for most of the movie. The main character of District 9 is a guy named Winkus who works for Alien Relations or something like that (I assume you already know there are already aliens in this movie.) At the beginning of the movie Winkus is kind of geeky, but by the end he is a total bad-ass. He doesn't even seem like the same character (which seems to make sense now but means something completely different once you see the movie.) Winkus is promoted to "main alien removal guy" (his real title is much more professional) He is in charge of moving the aliens in District 9 to a "new, better place" actually it's a concentration camp. Part of the movie is shot as a documentary and Winkus often talks to the cameraman. One scene in particular will hit you hard, when Winkus is being forced to shoot the alien weapons it looks more like a local news segment than a major motion picture. Almost everything about this movie is fantastic. The only thing I can fault is the CGI. The aliens occasionally looked like CGI. However in some scenes the CGI was incredible. The bad CGI was rare. And by "bad CGI" I mean not perfect CGI. This movie grabs you by your jock strap/suspenders (which ever you fancy) and NEVER lets go. In other words, this is the most nerve-racking movie I've ever seen.

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