Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today was the LOST panel at Comic-Con and I'm freaking out (Season 5 spoilers!)

G4 was broadcasting live from Comic-Con today and Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia and Nestor Carbonell were interviewed by the hosts of Attack of the Show. The only thing they revealed is that they know nothing about season 6, oh, and that Dominic Monaghan will be in season 6! Ever since their interview, which was at about 4:30, I've been checking youtube every 15 - 20 minutes to see if anyone has uploaded the entire panel, no one has yet. But, I have found some lone moments from the panel and here they are.

Oceanic Ad:

The ad claims to have 30 years with a perfect flying record, which implies 815 never crashed. Apparently Juliette blowing up the bomb worked. Fun Fact: Oceanic Airlines is a joke airline in Hollywood for ill-fated flights.

Hurley's Mr. Cluck's ad:

Hurley says he's had nothing but good luck since he won the lottery, liar. Remember that time you crashed on an island and there were The Others and your girlfriend died and then your best friend died?

Mysteries of the Universe: Dharma Initiative

I couldn't embed this one, probably because it's so creepy.

Elizabeth Mitchell teasing about Season 6:

Paul Scheer showing off his art:
He's hilarious, but Damon and Carlton obviously don't know who he is. This is his blog.

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