Saturday, July 11, 2009

Party Down: Starz's Eastbound & Down

Last summer we were introduced to the HBO series "Eastbound & Down" and it was great. This year Starz released "Party Down." And I might say it is better than Eastbound & Down. I've only seen a few episodes Eastbound & Down and I watched the entire season of Party Down in one day. You must try watching an entire season of a show (you haven't seen) in one day. It's an odd experience. Party Down centers around a Hollywood catering company full of struggling actors/writers/comedians. The head of "the team" is played by Ken Marino, who last played a gay demon in a show called "Reaper," which was cancelled, but might be picked up. (please.) Ken Marino's character is named Ron and is basically Michael Scott, but in charge of a catering company. The main character is named Henry and played by Adam Scott who has been in a lot, but never as an incredibly major character. In one episode he often tells people he "just has one of those faces" and the actor really does. His character is has a very dramatic and predictable relationship with the only girl who isn't Jane Lynch. The only girl who isn't Jane Lynch is named Casey and is played by Lizzy Caplan, who played the art student in Mean Girls. Ryan Hansen plays Kyle Bradway, a model/actor/musician. Which he mentions whenever he gets a chance. He and Martin Starr's character, Roman, are complete opposite opposites but always seem to get together when working. Roman is a science fiction writer, but only Hard-Sci-Fi, which he also mentions whenever possible. Jane Lynch plays the Jane Lynch character. She wasn't in the last two episodes because she was shooting Glee. Her character's roommate filled in for her. Her roommate is played by Jennifer Coolidge, who is also pretty funny, but not Jane Lynch. Paul Rudd is credited as a creator, but the main creator is Rob Thomas (no, not that Rob Thomas). Rob Thomas also created(?) Veronica Mars and many of the actors from Party hard were also in Veronica Mars. It's a really good show. I watched the complete season on Netflix. If you don't have a netflix account you can watch it anywhere else on the internet.

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