Friday, April 3, 2009

Awesome, Insane Jimmy Fallon

I've been watching a few episodes of Late Night with jimmy Fallon, I must say, it isn't as awful as I had expected. His show is better than Craig Ferguson's (WORST!) and Jimmy Kimmel's. It's not as good as Leno's or Conan's. (I'm not even going to mention that other one on NBC. you know which one. you know.) I watched last night's episode because Seth Rogen was the guest (as was Leighton Meester, but, whatever) and Dr. Dog was the Musical guest.
The early episodes Jimmy Fallon was really awkward because he hadn't really found his niche. He still hasn't, but he's getting closer. Some of his jokes are actually pretty good though. He's sometimes quite "PUNNY!" HAR HAR HAR! shut up. Someone was telling a story about fondue and he said "Don't mind if I fonDO!" I laughed. "Someone in the audience groaned. 'oh, tell me when he's fonDONE'" I laughed again. harder.
The problem with his show is it's hosted by Jimmy Fallon, meaning there is a lot of laughing... by the host. He's not as bad as he was when he was on SNL, but it's still pretty annoying. He says "awesome" a lot, and "insane" even more. I think he'll get better as the show goes on. Plus, The Roots are the house band. That's cool.

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Thom said...

Fallon is not better than Kimmel. Nope. Sorry. When he makes something as unbelievably awesome as "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" or the even better "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck," I'll believe it. At the moment, Jimmy hasn't had a joke better than "don't mind if I fon-do!"