Monday, April 6, 2009

And now the exciting conclusion to the last post!

I had mentioned in the last post How I met your mother was on so I didn't have time to write about VH1, turns out the episode was a rerun. lame sauce. I watched it anyway, it wasn't a great episode. 20 minutes passed and the Final game of the NCAA tournament began. MSU is currently being blown away by UNC. oh well. I've decided to take this time to tell you about all the exciting VH1 news I've heard/read/unfortunately watched. We (notice how I use "we," KoolThingzzz involves it's audience, all five of you that will read this) will begin with Rock of Love with Bus Michaels as it will henceforth be called. (I've been calling it this for quite some time, but I haven't been posting about the show. sorry? or you should be thanking me. If it's the latter, YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM IT ANYMORE!) So, on the latest episode of Rock of Love with Bus Michaels:
The "tour" is down the final three "beautiful awesome sexy awesome ladies" or as Bret will almost always call them "hotnesses." I'm not kidding, he actually calls them that, and they are flattered by it. The word kind of sounds like "goddesses" but Bus Michaels incorporates the word "hot" because they're all so sexy.
The final three are Mindy, a "southern belle" who is too good for Bus Michaels, Jamie, a really "chill" girl who is too good for Bus Michaels, and Taya, who posed for Penthouse and STILL is too good for Bus Michaels. "But Jake, Penthouse is classy." no it's not. shut up. Mr. Bus takes the thermal three (get it? because they're hot! I made that up.) to Miami... excuse me... I mean MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once there the three found some great mardi gras outfits in the hotel room. Bus Michaels said "If there's one thing I love it's carnival (pronounced car-NI-VAHWL) so I gave the ladies so awesome car-NI-VAHWL costumes" Taya (the one from penthouse) put her costume on it and LOVED IT! Jamie did the same, but little Mindy couldn't figure her's out, luckily Taya helped her. The three of them went outside and hung out with the Bus. Acording to said Bus "Taya was having the time of her life in her costume and Jamie was having the time of her life in her costume." Mindy didn't like her costume though. She wasn't having the time of her life. So she changed into a severely less sexy but still awesome bikini sailor outfit. This really offends Taya. The next day Bus Michaels took two of the ladies on a gator boat trip... because... ya know... it's romantic... or something... There was also something about a helicopter over Miami and a picnic where Bus Michaels sat straight-legged on the ground, which was awkward, because he's a bus. He also took two of the ladies on a dinner date, maybe? I don't know. It's hard to stay concentrated on this show when it's so awful and not hilarious. Later, the Bus put "sooo much effort into this super-romantic date" the three ladies weren't talking and didn't seem to appreciate how much effort Bus Michaels put into making this date super romantic. Anyway eventually it elimination and when Bus Michaels walked onto the stage he said "Hello, Taya Mindy and Jamie!" in a really creepy, serial-killer type way. Then he sent Jamie home. He told her she has been nothing but "sexy and awesome this whole tour." yeah, he said that.

Next piece of VH1 news: As soon as Rock of Love with Bus Michaels ends "Daisy of Love" begins. It looks like it may be worse than any show VH1 has ever had. ever. The best part, 12 Pack, from I Love New York and I Love Money, has returned. This time though "He's not in it for TV, when he saw Daisy had her own show he applied immediately." SPOILER: He is in it for TV, remember I Love New York? He was acting the entire time. Daisy likes him, she thinks he's hot. She also doesn't seem to realize he has been on VH1 already.
Cast list (you may want to mute the video, the song is by All American Rejects)

My favorite from the video is Cable Guy. I feel like he's going to be way too cool for Daisy. Fun Fact: Daisy is Oscar De le hoya's niece.

Has anyone been watching Tough Love? It's not very entertaining because these people aren't awful (most of them) and their all so happy when they go on these dates. I like the guy who yells at the whores though. Also, For the Love of Ray J, should I be watching it? I was told to watch Tool Academy and never did.

I'm also watching I Love Money two. How unfortunate.

BIGGEST VH1 news!:
Corn Fed and Real broke up! in January! so, Real Chance of Love 2 is pre-pre-production. If you go to the VH1 website, you can apply. I suggest you do. for fun. *smiley face*

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