Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are trailer!!!!

I remember really enjoying this book, and Spike Jonze is a great director, and The Arcade Fire makes good music (I don't think they're assholes, like Wayne Coyne said. They have a good alibi.)
Here's the trailer we've all been waiting months to see!

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Thom said...

You know who makes good music? Beck. You know who's an asshole? Beck. Wayne Coyne is widely regarded to be the nicest guy ever to live (Jesus? Nah...), so I think I side with him on this one. He was specifically referring to Win Butler and Regine, who are regarded as being colossal douchebags, not the people that actually play instruments with a lot of bearing on the song (hurdy gurdys only do so much), who are considered to be really cool and nice.