Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remeber how Watchmen was only decent? I've made it better!

It's really quite simple. Not only have I improved the movie, I've also improved Silk Spectre II, which in turn, improves the movie. This doesn't improve the novel, however. Just the movie.

WOMEN WITH BEARDS IS ALWAYS FUNNY!!!!(!) I had considered drawing her "taking a crap," but I thought that was a bit low-brow for KoolThingzzz.blogspot.com (A "K" and three "Zs." I challenge you loyal (and first time) KoolThingzzz readers to name me ANYTHING that is funnier than bearded women.
By the way, if you watched "How I met your mother" last night, you know Robin thinks a chimp with two tuxedos on is the funniest thing ever, I agree with her that it is very funny, but the funniest? Come on fictional character, come ON! So, a chimp wearing two tuxedos is out of question. sorry.

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Jess said...

I hated her.