Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An internet interview: Polly Scattergood

I don't know if you've noticed this, but I've been seeing a trend here on KoolThingzzz. We will start a segment, and forget about it after the first post (Remember "Operation Album Clean-Up? Thomas' "weekly segment where [he listened] to (several times), and [reviewed] a neglected album from [his] collection." The first was posted on February 8. Today is March 11 and we've yet to see the second week's post.) Well, "An internet interview" will have more than this one post. (Technically, this segment is, in no way, an interview. I just liked the alliteration.) I am reviewing the artist by whatever I find of theirs on the internet (Myspace and youtube mostly).

When I listen to music, it (almost) always is the same. I click the iTunes icon, I press play and listen to the music I've heard many times, over and over again. I imagine most people are this way. Luckily, I'm on the Urban Outfitters mailing list and get frequent emails from said website. Occasionally I get an email that tells me to download a compilation playlist called LSTN #1, 2, or 3. (There have only been three thus far.) So, I download them. While listening to music I sometimes come across something I haven't heard. These songs are 99% of the time from these playlists. Most recently, I heard a soft, pleasant voice, slowly becoming more and more intense, with unrecognizable instruments playing in the background. I notice I'm tapping my foot, which tells me this has to be good. I realize this is new, I haven't heard this before. I check my iTunes and find out I'm listening to the unique, brilliant, imaginative Polly Scattergood. When I research this artist more I find out she has the innate ability to make you upset and sad, but also feel complete ecstasy at the same time. Few artists can do that.
The only problem I have with her is, she seems really into herself, that may just be because she doesn't have too many candid videos on youtube. The one video of her backstage she seems pretty cool.

Oh, also, she's British.

Best song: Bunny Club "Finger my pigtails as you deal me some cards."

Worst Song: I Hate The Way "My doctor said I have to sing a happy tune."

"An internet interview" also brings you a simple formula involving other artists and percentages.

65% Regina Spektor + 15% Duke Spirit + 8% Flaming Lips + 7% Röyksopp + 5% Natasha Beddingfield = Polly Scattergold

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