Saturday, March 28, 2009

I like music, so why, Papa Roach, why do you exist?

Remember when Panic at the Disco covered Karma Police? It really upset me because it was one of my favorite songs covered by one of my least favorite bands. I like Papa Roach LESS than Panic at the Disco and I like Gouge Away MORE than Karma Police. This makes me want to punch whoever okayed this in the face. That's just an expression, but if I knew who did it, and had the money to find him I would beat his face to a pulp, literally, while screaming things about how much better Pixies are than Papa Roach, and how much basically every band is better than Papa Roach. I think... even... Nickelback... is better. That's hard to say, to call Nickelback better than anything.

The video begins with 8 seconds of opening credits. During those 8 seconds you'll think "well... maybe they'll do it justice... yeah, this could be really good." and as soon as you think good... IT BEGINS!!!!

Here it is, I'm sorry:

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