Friday, March 20, 2009

Fail Whale

Chris Cornell is back with a new album, and it's been getting the exact opposite of rave reviews. Here's his main problem: he's living in the past. Chris thinks he's still on top of the world, and he's trying to "turn the corner" on a career that's already winding down. Seriously, it's been a huge downhill slope for him after Soundgarden, and he should know that. Rather than returning to his roots, like The Prodigy did very successfully with "Invaders Must Die," (see last post), Cornell got FUCKING TIMBERLAND to produce his latest album. The results are disastrous.

Seriously, what the fuck happened? I thought Audioslave was bad, but this is ridiculous

Here's a flashback to the good times, when Chris had one of the best backing groups ever to pick up instruments (Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepard):


Katie said...

ahhh! guys! listen to yourselves! chris cornell's theme song for "Casino Royale" was amazing!! how can you say that his career is winding down when maybe he's just stuck in a creative rut? one bad album is not an indication of suckishness. look at keane, franz ferdinand...countless artists have had a slump at one point in their careers! keane's newest album is a total drag, in my opinion, but that doesn't mean that i will stop listening to them, or even worse, condemn them on the internet!

Thom said...

I admit, the Casino Royale theme got stuck in my head for a while, so that makes it OK (maybe), but Chris has been going downhill since Soundgarden dropped "Down on the Upside" in '97. His solo albums are boring adult contemporary and Audioslave is WAY less than the sum of its parts (love RATM and Soundgarden to death, but Audioslave blows). Also, when has Franz Ferdinand had a slump? Their self-titled was great, You Could Have It So Much Better was also great, and now Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is very good (not as good as the other two, but it has at least 5 songs that I would compare to their last two albums). You have to admit, Cornell's new album is beyond bad. It's really pathetic. Him and Timbaland don't mesh, the production values suck and the lyrics are a big pile of trash.

Thom said...

Oh, and as much as I like Chris in Soundgarden, Kim Thayil is the brains behind the operation. Chris has really struggled without him.