Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavillion: Hype Machine

I'm currently setting up a way to obtain the presumed album of the year (9.6 from Pitchfork, which happens... oh, about never), no matter what Andrew Bird and Franz Ferdinand have to say about it. This isn't Doubt. This is a big deal, and I WILL have a review of this one. I'm a proponent of Animal Collective, and their last album was great (Strawberry Jam), so I can't wait for this one. Panda Bear has a 3 album run of Strawberry Jam, Person Pitch and Now MPP. Panda Bear: the voice of this generation of this decade (runner-up behind Kool Thingzzz)? Perhaps.

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artsynth said...

Would this "way to obtain the presumed album of the year" be me? I put it on the flash drive, along with "Feels,"Sung Tongs," and "Here Comes the Indian." You now owe me your soul. O fly, man!

If you're going to blog about Animal Collective, you should get me on your blogging panel. Hint, hint.