Friday, January 9, 2009


The season 5 premiere is a meager 269 hours away (give or take a few minutes). So, naturally I looked up the new season. I found this promo:

(actually it's 3 promos, edited together.)

I found out the 1, 2, 3 is promotion for a station called Sky, who plays LOST in England. I was still weirded out though. They wouldn't promote LOST with a clip that wasn't from the show. It looks like Sayid is in a dharma station. Which is strange, because he got off the island. So, either they go back, or there are dharma stations off the island. (What?!?) Also, they all need to go back, all of them. Does that include Desmond? I hope it does, you would think it does, because he was on the island, and now he's not and he's the reason they're all on the island. Desmond is a really cool character. But he's off with Penny. Oh, and Charlie's still dead. That sucks. I'm worried whenever we see Desmond he'll be all "kissy-kiss" with Penny. BUT NO! He won't be, because he "luves" Penny. And Penny is Widmore's daughter! So Desmond will have a HUGE part in the next two seasons! Ben and Charles Widmore will be fighting over the island through the pawns that are the Losties! Oh, I'm so looking forward to this season!

P.S. I referenced two songs in this post. Can you find them? The first one is pretty easy.

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