Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Excited!

Ah, Twilight. Essentially the new Jonas Brothers, drawing unending scorn from the male populace while teh womenz swoon at its talentless "hotness." I am not the target demographic for this film, seeing as I am not a love sick pre-teen or teenage girl. But there are tons of those. 17 million +, apparently (according to its sales), likely with more to come because of movie buzz. Twi-hards will vigorously defend this book as a piece of art. I don't see it. In fact, I see it as the exact opposite. This book seems less like art and more like a highly addictive and debilitating drug (heroin, meth, crack, etc.). I've had friends of the opposite sex tell me they don't think the series is any good, but that they simply can't stop reading it. I can't say I've actually read the books, so I should probably hold back criticism for the moment. It just looks so undeniably cheesy from all background research I've done. Well, younger girls do go for that kind of stuff. The author seems very self involved, and the fact that she based one of the books off of a song of nonexistent depth ("Hysteria" by Muse) is rather frightening. I'm really grappling on whether I want to put myself through reading this so that I can deliver a verdict. I might watch the movie when it comes out solely for the ability to review it as well. And yet, I really REALLY don't want to. I feel like it could be a potentially scarring experience. Any suggestions? I feel like Gabe on Videogum taking suggestions for the Worst Movie of All Time.

Here's the aforementioned song.


Anonymous said...

Must you always be so "counter-culture?" Are you so high and mighty to strike such a thing down?

Jess said...

I'm so glad you are SO I DON'T HAVE TO! The movie was... never mind I'll let you watch it. Your remarks are wittier.